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Press review Menschenmühle

Here you will find a collection of the most important press reviews on the release of "Menschenmühle".


14.05.2021 | Author: Roman Transcended

Quote from the article:
"The most salient aspect, which mainly draws his attention to this release, is the wide variety of genre styles that are featured in all of the tracks."

Schepper Core, Germany

10.05.2021 | Author: Jonas

The article is an interview with Noise from "Kanonenfieber": "KANONENFIEBER is one of the absolute high-flyers of the metal underground and is on everyone's lips. The clicks are going through the roof on Spotify and especially on Bandcamp, the first editions of the album“ Menschenmühle ”are already sold out and the second is already running out."

ZwareMetalen, Netherlands

09.05.2021 | Author: Maarten O

Quote from the article:
"And then suddenly "Menschenmühle" appeared on the shelves in February 2021. Undoubtedly one of the biggest surprises and promises in the field of Black Metal in 2021."

Zephyrs Odem, Germany

Mai 2021 | Author: Maic
The article is an interview with Noise from "Kanonenfieber":
"Hello in the trenches! First of all, my congratulations on "Menschenmühle”! This record convinced me the first time I listened to it, and it cleared three of my personal hurdles at once. Chapeau!"


12.04.2021 | Author: Tim Harbour
Quote from the article:
"As a fan of WW1 history and melodic black metal, this album hit all the right beats. It’s infectious yet complex enough to keep you coming back for more. I highly recommend checking this one out."

Metal Storm, Estonia

05.04.2021 | Author: N/A
Zitat aus dem Artikel:
"Menschenmühle bears the smoking smell of gunpowder and the rotten stench of pits packed with muddy corpses. It is a very promising black metal debut that will satisfy both the extreme metal lover and the history buff in you, and leaves a lot to hope for the future of Kanonenfieber."

Medien Konverter, Germany

27.03.2021 | Author: Horrschd

Quote from the article:
"In summary, of course, a real insider tip."


20.03.2021 | Author: Alessandro Rinaldi

Quote from the article:
"This is one of those “must-read” records because not listening to it would mean only half-appreciating it. The lyrics, the subject, the meaning are the added value of an excellent work, born to remember, like Karl von Clausewitz said: The war is nothing more than the continuation of politics by other means."

Metalliluola, Finland

15.03.2021 | Author: Markus Salmela

Quote from the article:
"The dynamics of angry metal folds and quieter scenes as well as mixed archive material underline the band's sense of rhythm and style in a great way.", Germany

14.03.2021 | Author: Jan Wischkowski

Quote from the article:
"In any case, there can be no question of superfluous accessories with "Menschenmühle". Instead, the KANONENFIEBER debut captures the lyrical concept in a rather impressive musical way."

Sputnic Music, USA

10.03.2021 | Author: Manosg
Quote from the article:
"The production on Menschenmühle is spotless and creates a big sound that suits the grim/violent atmosphere on here. In fact, it augments the band's great sense of melody and the emotional rollercoaster that this LP is."


09.03.2021 | Author: Luca Pessina

Quote from the article:
"One of the greatest strengths of the "Menschenmühle" is the strong connection between music and the imagery linked to the texts."

HeavyMetal.DK, Denmark

04.03.2021 | Author: Jonathan Pichard

Quote from the article:
"Menschenmühle is probably one of the most impressive debuts I have come across in a long time."

Heavy Metal Maniac, Italy

02.03.2021 | Author: Editorial staff

Quote from the article:
"The vocal interpretation deserves special mention. It is hoarse and varied, as well as very powerful, strictly German, undoubtedly the language of horror."

No Clean Singing, USA

28.02.2021 | Author: Islander

Quote from the article:
"The music is relentlessly dynamic and dramatic, with an immense sound and a “widescreen” sense of scale in its portrayals of violence and tragedy that suits the vastness of the war’s slaughter."

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