Kanonenfieber Regiment

Der Füsilier

Bandproject Kanonenfieber
A Death & Black Metal Project.

Behind Kanonenfieber is a young musician from Bamberg, who calls himself "Noise" and deliberately keeps the project anonymous.
He lives from a regular 40-hour job, but his passion is music.
To this he devotes most of his free time. In recent years, he has built a small home studio. The album "Menschenmühle" was also created there.

Publications so far
  • EP - Der Füsilier

    Release 19.11.2022

    "Although finished some time before the Ukraine war, the EP "Yankee Division" almost painfully hits the zeitgeist. Dirty black metal is offered again, which nevertheless does not renounce melodies and variety, but sounds nasty and evil enough to highlight the horrors of war."

    Maik from Zephyrs Odem, Deutschland

  • EP Yankee Disivion

    Release 23.03.2022

    "Noise, mastermind behind KANONENFIEBER, has understood a few things: How to thematize war in music without missing the point in any way. How to write good songs. How to stage both together live to attract attention. And last but not least: That you always have to keep moving as a young band."

    Moritz Grütz from Metal1.info, Germany

  • Debut Album Menschenmühle

    Release 20.02.2021

    "And then, in February 2021, "Menschenmühle" suddenly appeared on the shelves. Undoubtedly one of the biggest surprises and promises in the field of black metal in 2021."

    Maarten O from ZwareMetalen, Niederlande

Bandproject Leiþa
A Black Metal Project.

The project was born out of doubt and self-hatred. Who doesn't know it, the pale face staring at you from your mirror morning after morning as it shows you the wretched result of your own existence.
The bitter taste of bile and cigarette ash on your tongue after another day in the eternal circle of your worthless existence.
These are those moments when certainty spits in your face with a mixture of disgust and resistance. In just such moments, you should be sure of only one thing: You are not the only one.

Publications so far
  • Debüt-Album Sisyphus

    Release 25.06.2021

    "Leiþa is a work that meets the expectations of any fan of the genre. It debuts in a great way. Without a doubt, it is a highly recommended album, one of the best albums I've heard this year."

    Juan Hellbiter from Dargedik.com, Spain

Bandproject Non Est Deus
A Black Metal Project.

As suspected several times in magazines and blogs, Cannon Fever is not the first work of mastermind "Noise".
The project "Non Est Deus" was born almost 4 years ago and its sole purpose is to show the nonsense of fanatical practices of religion.
After the debut album "The Last Supper" from January 2018, the second album "There Is No God" from January 2019 now follows the third studio album "Impious".

Publications so far
  • Impious

    Release 04.03.2022

    "Impious' frenzied rhythms are half blackened fury, half melodic nuance. Churning, vicious tremolos reminiscent of Abigail Williams dominate songs like "Save us" and "Fuck your God." These are paired with a slower, more deliberate sound in tracks like "Hexenwahn" and the excellent "Christraping Polka." Impious, who only occasionally veer into the delirious, keep a low profile musically and thematically, whatever the tempo. The cascading, wailing riff of "Celebrate the Self Destruct" is a particular highlight, with Noise's frenzied scream erupting in wild fury."

    Carcharodon from Angry Metal Guy, Europe

  • There Is No God

    Release 31.01.2019

    "The music vibrates with hate accordingly, but also takes time for quiet tones and bittersweet melodies. The guitar work is very well done, opening up to classic rock and blues influences, which provides the necessary splashes of color to make the album interesting."

    Marc Thorbrügge from metal.de, Germany

  • Debüt-Album The Last Supper

    Release 14.01.2018

    "Black Metal meets Hannibal Lecter cooking! Ingenious concept: A theatrical pastiche of the Last Supper in the style of Antonin Artaud, where the protagonist sacrifices himself as an executioner's meal. There is cutting of bones, tearing of flesh, and plenty of self-mutilation. The staging is skillful and engaging. The execution isn't flawless, but it's pretty good, and what an ambitious vision for the first album. I swear these guys are going to be big in the future! Favorite song: Starter."

    Joe Spinell on bandcamp.com, USA


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