Non Est Deus

There is no god.

The 3rd Studio album - Impious

After the debut album “The Last Supper” from January 2018 and the second album “There Is No God” from January 2019, the third studio album of the one-man project “Non Est Deus” follows.

As suggested several times in magazines and blogs, Kanonenfieber is not the first musical output by "Noise". The project “Non Est Deus” was born almost 4 years ago and its sole purpose is to show the absurdity of the fanatical practice of religion.


The hostage of humanity, the poison in the veins of society, the root of violence and marginalization. An institution that uses the instrumentalization of good and bad. Writings that have plunged generations into fanaticism and doubt. There is no god. Non Est Deus.

Coverart by Mariusz Lewandowski

The Musik

"Impious" uses a mixture of traditional, melodic Black Metal with a modern, but organic production.
Live drummer Noderra was brought in to help make the sound of the album as dynamic as possible.
Thematically, Impious topics such as the persecution of witches, self-mortification and rejection of religions in general are taken up.
The album was written, recorded, mixed and mastered at Noisebringer Studio between August and November 2021.

The first Single - 22.12.2021

The publication follows a different path this time. The full album will be available from March 4th, 2022. Until then, selected pieces will initially be released as single.
Just in time for Christmas, the first release with the title "Save Us" appears.

Only he, whom possesses the goodness shall lead us. Only he, whom possesses the power of eternity will guide us the way into paradise.
Save us God, as we are sinners in the naked truth of your omniscient presence!
And if we may die, we do it in the favour of the Allfather.
Eyes shut we run into doom, as you command us to. We feed from your words, as a child from it’s mothers breast. And may the holy well be poisoned, we‘d swallow the water for you, good God.

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