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No Clean Singing, USA
06.01.2022 | Author: Comrade Aleks

The article is an interview with Noise about "Cannon Fever" and "Leiþa":
Do you plan to release all new projects again via Noisebringer Records or do you have a different label this time?
We do co-productions with Avantgarde Music, a big name in the scene. We did the second edition of Menschenmühle vinyls together. Since the second edition is currently sold out, we have the third edition in December. Avantgarde is run by great guys and we get along pretty well. We have a good appointment and everyone is happy with the conditions.

Cora and Co, France
27.12.2021 | Author: Seisachtheion

Quote from the article:
"The Bamberg-based German artist Noise gave me a very pleasant moment this year with his Kanonenfieber project, the concept of which made my historian fiber vibrate in me at the time, to the point where I - in one breath - final impression more openly than that, however good, of the last year 1914. He was therefore guaranteed my full attention when the release of another project entitled LeiÞa was announced for June 25th under his Noisebringer Records label."

Angry Metal Guy, Europe
08.12.2021 | Author: Carcharodon

Quote from the article:
"It's quite simply the perfect ending to Man's Mill, encapsulating all the brutality that came before it into a simple but powerful lament with a harrowing message and an evolving chorus that really got into my clutches."

Toiletovhell, USA
22.10.2021 | Author: Eenzaamheid

The article is an interview with Noise about "Kanonenfieber" and "Leiþa":
"Contrary to the lyrics of his projects, Noise is very personable and pleasant to talk to, and he was deeply shocked that someone outside of Europe had heard his music and liked it enough to ask for an interview. We took graciously accepted the interview and chatted on Zoom for about an hour – the edited transcript is below:"

Ever Metal, UK
10.10.2021 | Author: Dark Juan

Quote from the article:
"The record is a very strange beast indeed. The sound is unusual in that it sounds like a black metal record, but it doesn't have the usual homegrown, captured three miles away by a mic made out of a frigging cucumber and bale string -Sound that BM usually uses."

Metal Temple, UK
30.08.2021 | Author: Dave "That Metal Guy"

Quote from the article:
"On the album, I hear doubt and self-loathing and a reminder of a worthless existence. But beyond that, I hear anger and anger at this stark passive acceptance."

Metal Storm, Estonia
06.08.2021 | Author: RaduP

Quote from the article:
"Although I feel like without considering the cover art and lyrics it's pretty hard to get the same emotional weight as Man's Mill from the music alone (The album doesn't really sound like Leiden), the music on display is absolutely fantastic Black Metal in its own niche."

Metalperver, Turkey
24.08.2021 | Author: Korhan Tok

Quote from the article:
"Kanonenfieber almost hatched from a surprise egg and Noise has already managed to shine quantitatively with its first album with a quality work. I'm very excited to see how it develops from now on."

Scream Blast Repeat, England
18.08.2021 | Author: JVB

Quote from the article:
"To be fair, when they get it right, Leiþa achieve a stunning synergy of post-rock and black metal. The standout track 'Sterben um die' uses imaginative chord choices and conventional hammer on and pull off techniques and achieves a sort of post-metal paradise-lost effect that may be unintentional but is on point nonetheless.The closing song 'Köte dich' even uses a doom metal passage but adds shiny melodic patterns over the crushing downstrokes , to give it an avant-garde death-doom feel. Neurosis fans will agree with it."

Ave Noctum, UK
26.07.2021 | Author: Gizmo

Quote from the article:
"Oh, this is a remarkable debut. It's been ages since an album grabbed me so firmly on first listen and stayed with me on the subsequent several plays. Grim but epic, somehow flashes of inspiration shine in this utter artillery barrage of an album Great sound, fantastic songs and excellent use of tempo and vocals, it's just so skillful, so good."

Rock Out Stand Out, UK
18.07.2021 | Author: Jacob McCrone

Quote from the article:
"Despite the album's focus on the idea of ​​suffering, I don't think people would suffer when they heard it. I would go a step further and say that for people who are unsure, it's a very good start into the Black Metal genre. The songs, while lengthy and at times simple, are in no way intrusive."

30.06.2021 | Author: Por Daniel Bitencourt

Quote from the article:
"Musically, the album offers black metal / post-black melodic first class. The drums were played by the studio musician "Noderra". Other instruments and the vocals come from "Noise". The preferred language is once again German.", Spain
29.06.2021 | Author: Juan Hellbiter

Quote from the article:
"Leiþa is a work that meets the expectations of any fan of the genre. It debuts in a great way. Without a doubt, it's a highly recommended album, one of the best albums I've heard this year."

ZWARE METALEN, Netherlands
27.06.2021 | Author: Joris Meeuwissen

Quote from the article:
"Very nice debut! Purchase required, don't hesitate. If you don't buy this CD you will regret it. After all, every time you get to the top of the hill, you gently roll back down."

The Void Journal, Ukraine
25.06.2021 | Author: Paula Fazlich

Quote from the article:
" Leiþa's music is a symbiosis between progressive riffs and jazz influences, which makes her quite fascinating to listen to."

Grind on the Road, Italy
23.06.2021 | Author: Fabrizio Ciserni

Quote from the article:
"This Cannon Fever debut is of the highest quality both musically and lyrically, giving us a real fresh band that we'll definitely be hearing from again."

Occult Black Meal Zine, UK
19.06.2021 | Author: OccultBlackMetal

Quote from the article:
"In my opinion Leiþa are a very good sounding Progressive Black Metal band with some jazz elements and if you are a fan of these music genres you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Sisyphus", "Prometheus" and "Tote Dich ". 8 out of 10."

Antichrist Mag, International
18.06.2021 | Author: Olek

Quote from the article:
"Leiþa means suffering in Old German and that describes this project perfectly.
The album "Sisyphus" is written in a very depressive way and deals with themes of self-loathing, meaninglessness and suicide."

Cross Fire, Germany
Juni, 2021 | Author: Andreas Sprack

Quote from the article:
"Without exception, the song structures are well done, effects are used to add atmospheric increases, there are a few unexpected twists, but they all seem intuitive and coherent.", Europe
Mai 2021 | Author: Warblackmetal666

Quote from the article:
"2021 has been a great year for black metal in my opinion despite the covid which has canceled all shows and this album is my best of the year (I know I got that about Spectral's A Diabolical Thirst album). Wound, but I didn't know this band when I said that)."

Zephyrs Odem, Germany
Mai 2021 | Author: Maic

The article is an interview with Noise from "Kanonenfieber":
"Hello to the trenches! First of all, my congratulations on "Menschenmühle"! This record convinced me the first time I listened to it, and it cleared three of my personal hurdles at once. Chapeau!"

14.05.2021 | Author: Roman Transcended

Quote from the article:
"The most salient aspect that primarily draws his attention to this release is the wide variety of genre styles incorporated across all tracks."

Schepper Core, Germany
10.05.2021 | Author: Jonas

The article is an interview with Noise from "Kanonenfieber":
"KANONENFIEBER is one of the absolute high-flyers of the metal underground and on everyone's lips. On Spotify and especially on Bandcamp, the clicks are through the roof, the first editions of the album "Menschenmühle" are already sold out and the second edition is also getting tight again ."

ZwareMetalen, Netherlands
09.05.2021 | Author: Maarten O

Quote from the article:
"And then, in February 2021, "Menschenmühle" suddenly appeared on the shelves. Undoubtedly one of the biggest surprises and promises in black metal in 2021."

Zephyrs Odem, Germany
05.05.2021 | Author: K-M

Quote from the article:
"That's why I was skeptical at first when Cheffe foisted KANONENFIEBER's debut album on me. Luckily, my prejudices crumbled like straw huts under artillery fire the first time I listened to them."

12.04.2021 | Author: Tim Harbour

Quote from the article:
"As a fan of WWI history and melodic black metal, this album hits the spot for me. It's infectious yet complex enough to be listened to again and again. I highly recommend trying it out for yourself."

Metal Storm, Estonia
05.04.2021 | Author: N/A

Quote from the article:
"Men Mill carries the smoky smell of gunpowder and the foul stench of pits full of muddy corpses. It's a promising black metal debut that will satisfy both the extreme metal lover and the history buff alike, and offers much hope for the future of Cannon Fever ."

Rock Hard, Germany
März, 2021 | Author: Jan Jaedike

Quote from the article:
"KANONENFIEBER is an anonymous one-man project that releases an album about the First World War with "Menschenmühle". In extreme metal, this can quickly get uncomfortable, but here it works with frightening precision, because the concept is implemented in a forceful and detailed manner ."

Medien Konverter, Germany
27.03.2021 | Author: Horrschd

Quote from the article:
"All in all, of course, a real insider tip."

20.03.2021 | Author: Alessandro Rinaldi

Quote from the article:
"This is one of those must-read records, because not listening to it would mean only half appreciating it. The lyrics, the subject, the meaning, are the added value of an excellent work born to commemorate, like Karl von Clausewitz said: "War is nothing other than the continuation of politics by other means."

Metalliluola, Finland
15.03.2021 | Author: Markus Salmela

Quote from the article:
"The dynamic of angry metal folds and calmer scenes, along with mixed archival footage, do a great job of highlighting the band's sense of rhythm and style."

Slyzza Dashboard, Germany
14.03.2021 | Author: Slyzza

Quote from the article:
"The one-man project KANONENFIEBER, which is very concerned about anonymity, has big plans for its debut album "Menschenmühle". When looking at the bare terms, I couldn't have imagined much of it, especially nothing good to be honest. But the ambitious project, which conceptually dealing with the horrors and atrocities of World War I definitely lives up to these claims. It's not for nothing that the band has long been a household name in black/death metal circles - without a major PR campaign, mind you.", Germany
14.03.2021 | Author: Jan Wischkowski

Quote from the article:
"In any case, there can be no question of superfluous accessories with "Menschenmühle". Instead, the KANONENFIEBER debut quite impressively captures the lyrical concept from a musical point of view."

Sputnic Music, USA
10.03.2021 | Author: Manosg

Quote from the article:
"The production of 'Menschenmühle' is flawless, producing a great sound that perfectly matches the grimly violent atmosphere. Indeed, it reinforces the band's great sense of melody and the emotional roller-coaster ride that this LP is."

09.03.2021 | Author: Luca Pessina

Quote from the article:
"One of the greatest strengths of "Menschenmühle" lies in the strong connection between music and the imagery linked to the texts."

OndaRock, Italy
08.03.2021 | Author: Paolo Chemnitz

Quote from the article:
"Beyond the noble subject matter, Cannon Fever emerges as a record of undoubted depth, a debut full of soul and pain before the curtain falls at last with the deadly neofolk of Verscharrt UndUngloryed."

HeavyMetal.DK, Denmark
04.03.2021 | Author: Jonathan Pichard

Quote from the article:
"Menschenmühle is probably one of the most impressive debuts I've come across in a long time."

Heavy MEtal Maniac, Italy
02.03.2021 | Author: editorial staff

Quote from the article:
"The vocal interpretation deserves special mention. It is hoarse and varied, as well as very powerful, strictly German, undoubtedly the language of horror."

No Clean Singing, USA
28.02.2021 | Author: Islander

Quote from the article:
"The music is relentlessly dynamic and dramatic, with immense sonority and a 'widescreen' scale in its depictions of violence and tragedy, befitting the scale of the carnage of war."

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