Kanonenfieber Regiment

Der Füsilier.

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Theme of the song

Torn from their homeland, their family and their lives.

German soldiers were sent to their deaths by the thousands in the icy expanses of the Kaparten. Hunger, frostbite and inhuman hygienic conditions were constant companions of the divisions sent to Przemyśl.

Over 110,000 Austro-Hungarian soldiers trapped in Przemyśl had been waiting for months to be released from the siege by Russian forces. This is where the protagonist "The Fusilier" comes into play. After an unsuccessful liberation attempt, the German troops try to fight their way back into the territory of the Reich.

Meter-high snow and unsuitable equipment bring the fusiliers to their limits. The ice hell in the Kaparten demands everything from the men. The incessant skirmishes coupled with a lack of supplies drive the casualty figures into the thousands.

In the midst of this horror, the Fusilier trudges forward with the goal of returning to the arms of his beloved. Hunger wears him out, his feet ache in his frozen boots, but the desire to get home keeps him going.

Death in the trench
Music video with Lyrics
  • Title

    Der Füsilier

  • Video

    Camera Kevin Opitz, Artwork Daniel Bechtold

  • Release Video


  • Release Song

    14.10.2022 at Spotify and Bandcamp

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