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First single from the new album

One year after the release of Sisyphus follows on 13.01.2023 the second album of the black metal project Leipa with the title "Reue". As with Sisypus, it is a journey into the deep inside.

Into your own abyss, because the abyss you look into is you. Every fiber of your body resists certainty. Change only delays it. In the end, you will be what you are.
Where will the roads lead when everything ends in blackness? Why are the last moments always the hardest?

Omnipresent and always there. Regret.

To give you a taste of this journey already, we release the first single from the album:

09/15/2015 - Brutalized, Consumed and Corrupted. Memories burned into the retina. Images that torment us again and again even in our sleep. Everybody has to carry his baggage. Just hope not to collapse under the burden.

Album Cover
The new single as video
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    04.11.2022 on YouTube and Bandcamp

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    Daniel Bechtold

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